Spårvagnen is a modern auditorium with a theater style seating for up to 130 people. It has a sloping floor with a raised stage. Below you will find information that may be helpful when planning your conference.

Stage Dimensions: 7 m width x 3 m deep
Ceiling height at the scene: about 4 m
Venue's length: 13 m, width: 10 + 2 m

Distance Projector - screen: 13 m
Screen: 4 m wide x 3 m high
Projection: approximately 325 cm wide x 240 cm high
Projektor: Panasonic PAN-PT-EZ770ZLEJ
Solution: 1920x1200 Pixlar
6500 ANSI Lumen

4 pcs table microphones
4 pcs of wireless microphones / headsets
1 hand microphone
Hearing loop; row 3 - 6
Broadband: 100Mb fiber, free wireless network and Telia Homerun

Perrongen Stinsen Biljetten Drotten Konduktören Kusken Droskan Ekipaget Omnibussen

Ground Floor

Floor 1

Floor 2