Exhibition area/Atrium

Already at the entrance to Konferens Spårvagnshallarna, the old tram station, you will encounter an exciting architecture characterized by light and space.

Atriumgården is the heart of SpårvagnshallarnaThe impressive glass ceiling at 22 meters height lets in light, all year round.

On Atriumgården we organize all kinds of events. Mini Fairs, exhibitions, debates, banquets or other festivites.

After an intense working day, your participants may deserve a delicious buffet or a sit-down dinner at set tables.  The Atrium can be transformed to for instance an Italian trattoria with live music or a Caribbean evening with delicious cocktailsThe possibilities are many.

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 broadband fiber 100Mbps

 wireless internet access covering the entire area

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Spårvagnen Perrongen Stinsen Biljetten Drotten Konduktören Kusken Droskan Ekipaget Omnibussen

Ground Floor

Floor 1

Floor 2